Students COVID-19
Campus Protocols

Given the requirements for the prevention of the spread of COVID 19 and general proper hygiene, we crave the indulgence of all students who will resume sessions on campus.  We ask that henceforth, students observe the following best practice protocols for each face-to-face session:

  • Practice good hygiene
  • Do not use hands to cover mouth when coughing or sneezing. Use sleeve or tissue (discard tissue immediately after use)
  • Avoid putting hands in face
  • No hand shaking
  • Wash hand with soap and water frequently or use hand sanitizer
  • Keep personal sanitizer nearby or utilize the sanitizers mounted on the walls.
  • Ensure masks are worn AT ALL TIMES while on campus.
  • The spray bottle on the instructor’s desk contains NoVirus spray. This, along with the cleaning cloth have been assigned to the classroom. Please ensure that tabletops are sprayed and wiped prior to the start of your session.  DO NOT SPRAY THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS OR THE SOFT SURFACES.
  • Access will be granted 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. Please ensure that you are screened at the main entrance of the building and your hands are washed before proceeding to enter the building for any purpose.
  • Ensure social distancing in and out of the classroom. Please maintain the staggered seating arrangement to adhere to the social distancing requirement.  Placements with stickers should remain vacant.  There should be no gathering before or after classes.
  • After your session is ended, please leave the campus.