Grade Meaning Scale Range%
A Excellent 4.00 90-100
B+ 3.50 85-89
B Good 3.00 80-84
C+ 2.50 75-79
C Average 2.00 70-74
D 1.00 60-69
F Fail 0.00 0-59
W Withdraw
I Incomplete (turns into F after 30 days if assignments/test s assignments/exams are still incomplete)
AU Audit


ABIIT will refund all or a portion of the tuition fees for the trimester of enrollment under the following terms and conditions only:

  • The Student Must Complete The Application Form For Refund, And Officially Complete The Withdrawal Procedures Through The Registrar’s Office.
  • All Relevant Forms Must Be Attached I.E. Drop/Add Form Or Withdrawal Form.
  • Refund Applications Will Be Processed By The Bursar’s Office And, Upon Approval, Will Be Forwarded To The Business Office Where Checks Are Prepared.

Refunds will be made based on the criteria below:

Date of withdrawal Tuition Refund
Cancellation of class by ABIIT 100%
Before the start of the Trimester 100%
First week of class 80%
Second week of class 70%
Third of Fourth week of class 50%
During and after the Fifth wee of class NO Refund

Note: All fees are non-refundable/non-transferable except in the case of Cancellations by ABIIT


Regular attendance at class is a requirement for successful completion of a course. The Institute, however, allows for a total of four (4) excused absences.


Five (5) minutes after the scheduled start of a lesson is regarded as late, and a legitimate excuse is required upon arrival.


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Eating and drinking in class are strictly forbidden.


All students are asked to dress at all times in such a way as to uplift the dignity of the Institute. This means no thin straps and back out, as well as no short pants or short skirts. Inappropriate attire where undergarments or private parts are revealed is not acceptable wear at ABIIT.


Cell phones should be switched to the silent or vibrate mode during class, and students may ask to be excused in order to take a call. Cell phone calls are not allowed during tests or examinations.


Surfing on the Internet during class, except when specifically allowed by the instructor, is discouraged. In addition, all computers must be turned off at the end of each class.


Students shall be guilty of violating Academic dishonesty if they:

  • Submit Someone Else’s Work As Their Own Work- For Example Cheating In Exam
  • Make Copies Of Their Own Work For Another Student To Submit As Their Own Work.
  • “Cut And Paste” Directly From A Web Page From The Internet And Submit The Information As Their Own Academic Work.

The penalty for cheating can range from a “zero” mark to expulsion from the class


These are group efforts and students are awarded a common group mark. Regular reporting is required of all group members regarding their individual contributions. If a member fails to contribute as agreed, he/she should get zero marks.

Projects should be presented during the 11th week of term to the entire class in appropriate office attire, and with the use of audio and visual aids, including PowerPoint.


A student who misses an examination must have a doctor’s written verification of illness or a written explanation as to the reason/s for absence. The make-up exam will be given at a time, which is mutually agreed upon, by both instructor and student. Makeup exams may include additional topics to the one missed.


All assignments must be typewritten (absolutely no handwriting unless expressly allowed by instructor)
If an assignment/exercise has multiple sheets, it is required that the pages be bound (either stapled or placed in a folder/binder).
All assignments must have a cover page, which will include

  • Institution Identification
  • Subject / Assignment Heading
  • Identification Of Assignment Type & Course
  • Instructor Name
  • Student(S) Name(S)
  • Date Assignment Is Handed In

In the case of a document/file to be handed in to the instructor the student’s name and course code should precede the assignment name e.g.
<Student’s name> CIS305 .psd
Where the student’s full name is substituted for “student name” and the name of the assignment for “assignment name” (exclude the angular brackets). Failure to do so may result in a reduction in marks.

A daily penalty of 25% will be given for late assignments and projects submitted after the due date


Absences ARE NOT ACCEPTED as an excuse for failure to produce homework. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor or a fellow classmate concerning the missed assignments. Failure to produce homework, on account of an absence, results in a score of zero on that assignment. The late submission of assignments is discouraged and significant marks will be deducted.


A minimum of half of the tuition fees must be paid before students are allowed in class. The other half of the tuition fees must be paid by the end of the sixth week of the trimester.


Students may add/drop a course(s) up the end of the first week of classes. There is however an add/drop fee of $ 30


  • Students May Withdraw From A Course Up To The End Of The Fourth Week Of The Trimester Without A Grade Being Assigned.
  • The Applicable Refund/Withdrawal Fee Will Be Applied.
  • Students Will Be Given A Grade W When They Withdraw From A Course
    From The 5th To The 6th Week. No Withdrawals From Classes Are Allowed
    From Week 7 To The End Of The Trimester.
  • If A Student Does Not Officially Withdraw From A Course By The End Of Week
    Four (4), He/She Is Liable To ABIIT For The Full Trimester’s Tuition Cost Even If He/She Stops Attending Classes Later.


If a course is cancelled by ABIIT, students will not be required to pay the drop/add fee, provided that they submit a Drop/Add form to the Registrar.


ABIIT is committed to ensuring that each student performs creditably, and then moves to the next levels successfully. Students who are performing poorly will be identified for special assistance, first from the instructor, and also from the Office of the Dean.


Students whose GPA is below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation. During the period of academic probation, interventions which include reduced course load and academic counseling will be used to improve GPA scores.


In an attempt to foster a spirit of collaboration between instructors and students, students have the opportunity to provide instructors with a feedback concerning their general performance through an anonymous questionnaire. Part of the questionnaire is a comments session where students are asked to provide instructors with important observations and recommendations regarding their teaching methodologies. This evaluation will normally be done during the 10th week of the trimester.


ABIIT is committed to the idea of exposing the work of students through various types of exhibitions. These may take the form of an Open Day, articles in the newspapers, presentations on radio and television, just to mention a few. Students will be expected to participate as part of their total education at ABIIT


All students must present their ID to the Security Officer at the security booth. Students are expected to wear their ID at all times on the compound. Students without Student ID will not be allowed to enter the compound or to remain on the compound.