This program provides the foundational support and knowledge for sports management, preparing students to work along with any sporting body (association, club, public agency). Courses include the study of the cultural and business impact of sports through hands-on, real-world case studies and internships.

Students will complete foundational courses in sports administration at the community and national levels, facility and event management, sports marketing, and sports tourism.

Graduates will:

  • Be awarded an Associate of Arts Degree intended to provide credentials to lead the administration of sports and sporting activities and events
  • Prepare for a career in sports management by practicing fundamental management theories and techniques.


Trimester I – Year I
ENGL105 English Research(Formerly English Composition II)
MGT103 Introduction to Business
MATH110 College Algebra
SPMT200 Intro to Sports Management
Trimester II – Year I
CIS116 Intro to Computer Applications
PHIL200 Intro to Ethics
SPMT203 History & Philosophy of Sports Management
ACC103 Accounting Principles I
Trimester III – Year I
PSY110 Intro to Psychology
MKTG200 Principles of Marketing
MATH111 Business Statistics
SPMT302 Legal Issues Ethics in Sports Management
Trimester I – Year II
ENGL 106 Public Speaking
MKTG205 Sports Promotion & Marketing
PSY103 Sports Psychology
ACC209 Computerized Accounting/QuickBooks
Trimester II – Year II
PTA234 Principles of Rehabilitation
SPMT100 Principles of Athletic Coaching
ENGL202 Technical Writing
* Business Elective
Trimester III – Year II
SPMT202 Facility Management & Event Planning
MGT215 Organizational Development & Team Building
MGT220 Strategic Planning & Management
SPMT271 Sports Management Internship


*Business Electives (MGT210/PAD203/ACC104)