This program introduces students to public sector policy, laws, accounting, and management.  Students will be prepared to plan, direct and coordinate supportive services in government, private and non-profit organizations.

Coursework will include communications, finance, politics, and other subjects that will serve you in a variety of administrative roles with a public service mission.

Graduates will:

  • Be awarded an Associate of Arts in Public Administration as preparation for producing effective management of the public sector and of non-profit organizations.
  • Understand and analyze research, budget management, policy development, and community involvement.
  • Analyze the formation of government law as they apply to public and not-for-profit administration and policy
  • Explain the foundations of ethics within the public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Demonstrate an understanding of public finance and capital improvement through grant writing


Term I – Year I
ENGL105 English Research(Formerly English Composition II)
PAD101 Intro to Public Administration
CIS116 Intro to Computer Applications
MATH110 College Algebra
Term II – Year I
MGT103 Introduction to Business
ACC103 Accounting Principles I
HRM 201 Employer/Employee Relation
MATH111 Business Statistics I
Term III – Year I
MGT101 Principles of Management
PAD102 Public Personnel Management
MATH112 Business Statistics II
MGT200 Organizational Behavior
  Term I – Year II
ENGL 106 Public Speaking
PAD201 Government Accounting
PAD211 Public Policy
PAD202 Caribbean Political Economy
Term II – Year II
PAD212 Business, Government & Society
PAD213 Public Programme Planning
HRM 203 Human Resource Law & Ethics
*Liberal Arts Elective
Term III – Year II
PAD203 Grant Writing & Non-Profit Management
MGT215 Organizational Development & Team Building
MGT220 Strategic Planning & Management
INT220 Internship/Capstone


*Liberal Arts Electives (PSY110/ SOC101/PHIL200)