Description: This program provides a solid foundation in information technology. Core areas covered in the program are computer programming, mobile application development, human-computer interaction, web programming, database systems, and operating systems. Graduates of the program possess the right combination of knowledge and practical, hands-on expertise to take care of both an organization’s information technology infrastructure and the people who use it. Graduates are expected to assume responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organization, integrating those products with organizational needs and infrastructure, and installing, customizing, and maintaining those applications for the organization’s computer users.


Course Course Name Prerequisites Credits
Term I – Year I
CISC100 Introduction to Computer Program Design MATH099 Pre College Algebra     3
CISC101 Introduction to Computer Information Science MATH099 Pre College Algebra     3
MATH110 College Algebra MATH098 Pre College Algebra     3
ENGL105 English Research ENGL100 &ENGL104 or >70% on
placement test
Term II – Year I
MATH120 Discrete Mathematics MATH110 College Algebra     3
CISC125 Java Programming CISC100 Introduction to Program Design     3
ENGL202 Technical Writing ENGL 105     3
CISC110 Modern Markup Languages MATH098 Pre College Arithmetic     3
Term III – Year I
CISC130 Introduction to C++ Programming CISC100 Introduction to Program Design     3
CISC140 Data Structures CISC125 Java Programming     3
CISC150 Data Communication and Networking CISC101 -Introduction to Computer
Information Science
ENGL106 Public Speaking ENGL105 English Research     3
Term I – Year II
CISC160 Mobile Application Development CISC125 Java Programming     3
CISC170 Introduction to Information Security CISC101 Introduction to Computer
Information Science
CISC200 Introduction to Database Concepts CISC140 Data Structures     3
CISC210 Advanced Web Programming CISC110 Modern Markup Languages     3
Term II – Year II
CISC215 Introduction to Web Content Management
CISC210 Advanced Web Programming     3
CISC231 Computer Ethics CISC101 Introduction to Computer
Information Science
CISC235 Human Computer Interaction CISC140 Data Structures     3
 CISC240 Advanced Database Systems CISC 200 Introduction to Database Concepts     3
Term III – Year II
CISC241 System Analysis and Design CISC241 Advanced Database Systems     3
CISC245 Operating System Design CISC140 Data Structures     3
CISC250 Special Topics In Information Technology Completion of 45 credits in Major     3
CISC262 Information Technology Capstone Project  Completion of 54 credits in Major     3
Remedial Requirements
MATH098 Pre College Arithmetic  None
MATH099 Pre College Algebra or 70% or greater on placement exam  MATH098 or 70% or greater on placement exam
ENGL098 English Fundamentals I  None
ENGL099 English Fundamentals II  ENGL098 or 70% or greater on placement exam
*Liberal Arts Electives
PSY110 Introduction to Psychology
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology