This program will provide students involved in advertisements, brochures corporate identity programs, product packaging, video graphics, computer imagery, signs, and exhibits. Graphic designers are visual communicators who combine color, composition, typography, and illustration in creative, innovative ways to inform, motivate, sell, educate, or entertain

Employment Prospects: Armed with a marketable portfolio assembled in their classes, graduates are prepared to enter an increasingly technical and competitive industry. Graduates may join the creative staffs of advertising agencies, design studios, digital departments in entry level position such as layout artist, graphic designer, digital artist, or production artist. Many entrepreneurial graduates enter the market as freelance designers or open their own design studios



  Trimester I – Year I
CIS 101 Introduction to Information Technology
CIS 116 Introduction to Computer Applications
GD 111 Drawing
CIS 105 Introduction to Computer Graphics/Adobe Photoshop
  Trimester II – Year I
GD 121 Typography
GD 123 Digital Photographic Production
GD 125 Color and Design
ENGL 105 English Research (Formerly English Composition II)
Trimester III – Year I
GD 131 Computer Illustration
CISC 110 Modern Markup Language
GD 133 Layout/Intro to In Design
GD 135 Graphic Symbolism
  Trimester I – Year II
GD 241 Visual Expression
GD 243 Fundamentals of Interactive Design/Intro to Dreamweaver
MATH 110 College Algebra
PHIL 200 Introduction to Ethics
Trimester II – Year II
GD 251 Print Production
GD 265 Graphic Design Business ADMIN
GD 246 Intro to Motion Graphics
ENGL 106 Public Speaking
  Trimester III – Year II
GD 261 Graphic Design Application
GD 263 Portfolio/Management
ENGL 202 Technical Writing
INTGD Internship/Design Research


*Liberal Arts Electives CHOOSE ONE (PSY110/SOC101/PHIL200)