Breast cancer awareness Jam

  • Patrons will need to park their vehicles at the SECURED endpoint (Fort).
  • A shuttle will be provided from Fort to Police Grounds
  • At Police Grounds, a hot bowl will be served ahead of the move-off time
  • At 4:50, we will have presentations from a Breast Cancer Survivor AND an administrator from Breast Friends.
  • We move off from Police Grounds at 5 pm
  • Route: Police Recreation Grounds, right on to Factory Road, right on to Mahico Drive, left on to Old Parham Road, right on to Friars Hill Road, left on to Dickenson Bay Street, left on to Anchorage Road, and left on to Fort Road, ending at Fort James.
  • Upon arrival at Fort, we will commence the Pull-Up Jam
  • Individuals who do not wish to walk but would like to be a part of the Pull-Up Jam can purchase tickets ahead of time to do so. Pull-Up Jam tickets are food and beverage inclusive only.

Important details

  • Volunteers (staff, faculty, and students) are needed to assist on the drinks truck and powder distribution.  Your names can be given to Latona (480-2435) or Claire (480-2442)
  • Volunteers will get a complimentary all-inclusive staff package
  • The format for this jam is similar to that of a t-shirt mas, as such patrons need to register (inclusive of their payment) in advance and an announcement for package collection will be made at the appropriate time