Trimester I – Year I
CISC100 Introduction to Computer Program Design MATH099 Pre-College Algebra
CISC101 Introduction to Computer Information Science MATH099 Pre-College Algebra
ENGL105 English Research ENGL100 &ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
MATH110 College Algebra MATH099 Pre-College Algebra >70% on placement test
Trimester II – Year I
CISC110 Modern Markup Languages MATH099
CISC125 Java Programming CISC100
CISC130 Introduction to C++ Programming CISC100
MATH115 Pre-Calculus MATH110
Trimester III – Year I
CISC140 Data Structures CISC125
CISC150 Data Communication and Networking CISC101
ENGL106 Public Speaking ENGL105
MATH120 Discrete Mathematics MATH115
Trimester I – Year II
CISC160 Mobile Application Development CISC125
CISC200 Introduction to Database Concepts CISC140
CISC210 Advanced Web Programming CISC110
MATH125 Calculus I MATH115
Trimester II – Year II
CISC215 Computer Architecture CISC140
CISC220 Object Oriented Software Development CISC130 & CISC140
CISC225 Programming Languages CISC140
MATH200 Calculus II Math125
Trimester III – Year II
CISC230 Introduction to Software Engineering CISC140
CISC245 Operating System Design CISC140
CISC250 Special Topics in Computer Science Completion of 45credits in CISCO courses
MATH210 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics MATH125