This program prepares the student to design and manage an organization’s LAN and WAN networks. This includes choosing (or at least recommending) the hardware and software to meet an organization’s IT needs as well as managing the rolling out of new equipment and systems, and ensuring that corrective and preventative measures are performed on existing equipment and systems. The courses in this program have a very strong hands-on component which gives the student invaluable experience working with the latest network operating systems, networking hardware, network diagnostic/monitoring software and project management.

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Employment Prospects: Graduates from the program usually find employment as Network Technician, Network Administrators, Infrastructure Engineer, LAN/WAN Administrator, LINUX System Administrator, E-mail Administrator etc.



Course Name Prerequisites
  Term I – Year I  
CIS 101 Intro to Information Technology ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
ENGL105 English Research (Formerly English Composition II) ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
CET101 Computer Core Technology I

ENGL 100 & MATH 099 or >70% on placement test

MATH 110 College Algebra MATH 099 or >70% on placement test
  Term II – Year II  
CET 103 Computer Core Technology II

CET 101

NET 111 Intro to Networking CET 101
NET 107 Windows Enterprise Desktop Admin CET 101
NET 112 Helpdesk and Client Support NET 111
  Term III – Year I
ENGL 106 Public Speaking ENGL 105
NET 117 Windows Server Administration NET 107
SEC 100 Introduction to Information Security

NET 111

NET 120 Cisco Networking I CET 101
  Term I – Year II
NET 202 Administering Windows Network


NET 117


NET 205 Cisco Networking II NET 120
NET 210 Introduction to UNIX/LINUX NET 111
NET 231 Computer Ethics NET 112
  Term II – Year II
NET 206 Cisco Networking III NET 205
NET 215 Wireless Networking NET 100
NET 222 Implementing a Windows Active

Directory Infrastructure

NET 117
NET 226 Exchange Server Administration NET 117
  Term III – Year II
NET 207 Cisco Networking IV NET 206
NET 240 Major Elective Completion of 30 Major credits
* Liberal Arts Elective ENGL 105
NET 295 Network Engineering Capstone Min. of 60 credits & min. GPA of 2.0
  Remedial Requirements  
MATH 098 Pre-College Arithmetic below 50% None
MATH 099 Pre-College Algebra (50%-69%) MATH 098
ENGL 100 English Fundamentals below 70% None
ENGL 104 Writing for English (Formerly English Composition I) ENGL100

*Liberal Arts Electives (Choose One)

PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology ENGL 105
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology ENGL 105
PHIL 200 Introduction to Ethics ENGL 105