This program, in addition to providing basic accounting skills, offers important expertise for the person in a middle management position.

Employment Prospects: In the world of business and industry today, college-educated office support professionals play an increasingly vital role. Employers expect and appreciate the higher level of skill and knowledge brought to the workplace, and qualified applicants are rewarded by higher salaries and greater promotional opportunities.



Course Name Prerequisites
  Term I – Year I
ENGL105 English Research (Formerly English Composition II) ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
CIS 101 Intro to Information Technology ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
CIS116 Intro to Computer Applications ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
MATH110 College Algebra MATH 099 or >70% on placement test
  Term II – Year I  
MGT103 Introduction to Business ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
ACC103 Accounting Principles I MATH098&MATH099 or >70% on placement test
HRM100 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
MATH111 Business Statistics I MATH 110
  Term III – Year I  
MGT101 Principles of Management MGT 103
ACC104 Accounting Principles II ACC 103
MATH112 Business Statistics II MATH 111
MGT200 Organizational Behavior MGT 103
  Term I – Year II  
ENGL 106 Public Speaking ENGL 105
MATH201 Calculus for Business MATH 111
MGT202 Business Law MGT 103
MGT203 Principles of Microeconomics MATH 111
  Term II – Year II  
MGT205 Principles of Macroeconomics MGT 203
MGT210 Management Information Systems CIS101
MKTG200 Principles of Marketing ENGL100 & ENGL104 or >70% on placement test
* Liberal Arts Elective ENGL 105
  Term III – Year II  
MGT 211 Operations Management MGT 203
MGT215 Organizational Development & Team Building HRM 100, MGT 200, & MKTG200
MGT220 Strategic Planning & Management MGT 211 & MGT 215
INT220 Internship/Capstone Min. of 60 credits & GPA of 2.0
  Remedial Requirements
MATH098 Pre-College Arithmetic (below 50%) None
MATH099 Pre-College Algebra (50%-69%) MATH 098
ENGL100 English Fundamentals (below 70%) None
ENGL104 Writing for English (Formerly English Composition I) ENGL100

*Liberal Arts Electives (PSY110/ SOC101/ PHIL200)