Head of Campus
Danelle Martin

“I truly believe that education is the most valuable gift that you can give to an individual. I am proud of the progress the Antigua & Barbuda International Institution of Technology has made over the years, and the contributions the institution has made within the Higher Education landscape. ABIIT has played a critical role in the development of the human-resource skill-set within the local, regional and international arenas, as ABIIT has students actively employed across several critical industries world-wide. ABIIT has recognized that we now live in a global competitive world, and has responded by creating courses and programs that equip students with the technical knowledge and skills needed to enable them to compete in the global arena. ABIIT is an institution which has persevered, despite all of the challenges that it has faced, and has lived up to its vision of revolutionizing the tertiary education landscape within Antigua & Barbuda.

ABIIT will continue to act as a strategic partner to local business organizations and the nation of Antigua & Barbuda, to enable the rejuvenation and strengthening of the local economy. I look forward to celebrating our next milestone, as we stay on the course of making tertiary education more accessible to all the nationals of Antigua & Barbuda, and continue to cultivate world-class professionals.”